CAR Mapping 3D

Car Video-Mapping - Travel in style without moving

Projection onto a vehicle can be done in a number of configurations. The car could be in a real-city situation, hung upright on a wall, or in the form of cinema scenery. We project the image of the car onto itself, as well as onto the ground and the background, creating a realistic yet totally dynamic situation. We give life to the vehicle and its whole environment, enabling immersion into a seamless universe of virtual reality.

Easyweb’s team is at your disposal to help you arrive at the best medium and the best technique to emphasize the vehicle and the brand. The use of this innovative technique of projection and the atmosphere created by the event are the focus of a unique audio-visual show.

  • Présentation
  • Celebration
  • Inauguration
  • Exposition
  • Salon
  • Showroom
  • Lancement
  • Marketing
  • Vitrines